Noah Eadie — Illustrator based in New Bedford, MA

Album Art

I soak in the emotional content of an album, interpret it, and convert it into an image. This is where I get the most joy – this is what I wanted to do since I was little. I love working with artists and finding a way to turn the emotions behind their work into palpable images.

If you would like me to create album art for your music project, you can hire me through fiverr:

NSFW version (recommended):


Working with Noah on Hypnic Jerk was fantastic. I came to him having absolutely no idea what I wanted, and we ended up with an idea that felt so perfect that I can’t imagine it being done better any other way. He was more than happy to listen to me drone on for hours about nitpicky details, and he worked and iterated very rapidly. I look forward to working with him again.

~Steven O’Brien, The Mainstream Underground

Noah Eadie is not only a talented artist with a unique and distinct style, but has the work ethic of a true professional. Working with him was an incredibly easy process. After an hour long conversation in which we discussed designs, as well as the creative process, he brought to me a great design in a timely manner. He gives immediate feedback to your ideas, and captures the essence of those ideas in a striking personal aesthetic.

~John Dalton, Spheres of Influence

I hired Noah to design the artwork for a single I was releasing. He was nothing but professional and his turnaround time was excellent. Noah’s artistic vision completely fit the theme of the song and actually ended up adding an entirely new layer to the meaning of the song that I had not thought about before. I have no reservations recommending him to anyone else who needs art commissioned for their music.

~Jonathan DeYoung, MADic & Cranky

Amazing work! Noah was super responsive and very professional. Would definitely work together again :)

~Fiverr editorial team

If you would like me to create album art for your music project, you can hire me through fiverr: